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About Us

About Us

MILKYWAY PRESCHOOL starts its journey in association with KREEDO (Bangalore experts in ECCE) and INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF SCIENCE AND APPLICATION (Kolkata). We give the children a child centric, activity based friendly atmosphere which ensures their maximum output. We include a Montessori based curriculum which incorporates Indian culture so that the child always feels at home and shine like a star.

Research proves that early education is critical because:

  • Brain development is most rapid in the early years.
  • 75% of neural connectivity is complete by the age of 7.
  • When the quality of stimulation is deficient, child development is seriously affected.

It is a well-researched and tested curriculum that has been successful in educating thousands of 1000 of young minds across the country run by alumni from  IIM & IIT Bombay.

We are also constantly developing and implementing different methods to enhance the learning process and bring out the best among the children of our society. We  believe that though books provide with knowledge but hands on experience supporting the knowledge, helps to retain and understand the concepts better.

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