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Why Milkyway Preschool

  • Hygienic environment
  • Pure drinking water
  • Kind aesthetic guidelines
  • Children friendly environment
  • Learning through a thematic approach
  • Researched curriculum
  • Trained, experienced, friendly faculty
  • Individual learning with materials
  • Creative play-way method
  • Small group activities in arts, language, and gross motor skills
  • Occasional support learning through role plays, presentations, storytelling, reading
  • Library
  • Computer basics for 3+ years
  • Exercises, yoga, and meditation
  • Health check-ups
  • Air-conditioned
  • Celebration (birthdays/festivals)
  • Regular tips for parents
  • Transport facilities
  • Stage exposure/cultural celebrations
  • Field trips
  • Project-based learning for older children



Our curriculum is compliant with all respected Early Childhood Care and Education Policies. It is based largely on the Montessori philosophy, keeping in mind today’s Indian social and academic context. It is developmentally appropriate and is based on the age of the child.

We believe preschool education should give as much exposure as possible to the child in all areas of development. Appropriate stimulus is the key to early learning. Hence, the activities have been designed keeping the child in mind and ensuring there is “directional” play all the time.

For a child below 6 years, curriculum comprises the environment which in turn means the tools that we offer the child to learn. It is essential that a young child gets daily experience with learning aids which has specific usage, derived from the curriculum. all areas of work for the child, both internal and external have been planned with extreme care to facilitate self-learning, and implement the objectives set into the curriculum.

Our Learning Programme


In order to meet curriculum objectives, we take the children through a structured learning programme, which involves a lot of structured and focused activities. the curriculum emphasizes the key areas of development in the child in the spheres of Senso-motor, personality, Language, Cognitive and Creative skills. the curriculum also gives a clear timetable in terms of what needs to be done throughout the year in terms of activities and themes. An integral part of our curriculum is that the curriculum is implemented with educational materials (Montessori Apparatus) with which the children learn by exercising their hands and senses, which in turn aids in their overall brain development. We begin with fine and practical life skills. English is introduced with phonetics. Mathematics is introduced with materials that help the child.

Themes & Celebrating Festivals


A theme based curriculum means that each skills area of the curriculum is connected to a topic which we refer to as a theme. Here we follow a weekly theme prepared for each month based on different age groups. The theme activities enhances creative thinking and helps the children to grow interest in various fields. On the other hand, we also involve children to celebrate different festivals. As we believe that celebrating festivals indulge values in a child, because festivals teach students about our culture, our values and our beliefs.

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