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Preschool Admission FAQs

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions related to preschool admission process, child care, play time, annual events, preschool infrastructure, preschool education and more, that Milkyway Preschool, achieve the best preschool award .

Do all children need preschool?

All children should have access to high-quality preschool programs that place them in the best position possible for future success. Studies show that children from all income and racial groups benefit from high-quality preschool. The benefits of preschool are particularly powerful among children from low-income families who, on average, start kindergarten 15 to 18 months behind their peers in pre-reading and language skills.

What's the evidence that preschool makes a difference?

There is strong research demonstrating the impact of high-quality preschool programs on child outcomes – both shortand long-term. Multiple studies have shown that children who attend high-quality preschool programs score higher on mathematics and reading assessments in the elementary grades; gain critical non-cognitive, or “soft skills,” needed for success in school; are less likely to need special education services; are less likely to be retained; and are more likely to graduate from high school than children who do not attend such programs. The Committee on Integrating the Science of Early Childhood Development has shown that impacts are particularly powerful for children from low-income families or those at risk for school failure who, on average, start kindergarten 15 to 18 months behind their peers in pre-reading and language skills. According to the National Research Council, high-quality preschool programs also improve children’s noncognitive skills, such as persistence and self-control, which have long-term implications for future success in school and in life. Other key studies include research from Oklahoma, Michigan, New Jersey, and Massachusetts:

Why should I choose Milkyway preschool for my child?

Milkyway preschool have the National and International recognition with awards like Top 100 preschool in India award (National),Best innovative Preschool award ( National ) , Best preschool of the year award ( International ) etc. Milkyway preschool provide structured preschool program that integrates , philosophy , well researched Montessori based curriculum , scientific materials , assessment and teachers training.

What are the preschool programs that are offered by Milkyway preschool ?

Milkyway preschool offers age appropriate well-defind preschool programs , which are :-
Moon / Playgroup : for age 1.5 years to 2.5 years
Earth / Nursery : for age 2.5 years to 3.5 years
Sun / lower KG : for age 3.5 years to 4.5 years
Sun Advanced / Upper KG : for age 4.5 years to 5.5 years

What is the admission process at Milkyway preschool?

Parents may visit the nearest Milkyway preschool centre and have a word with our counselor. Parents are encouraged to take a guided tour of the preschool with the counselor. This would help them understand the facilities at our centre and experience the environment where we nurture young minds. For further information on our preschool programs fill in your contact details on the right and a Little Millennium Admission Counselor will get in touch with you.

At what age should I admit my child to Milkyway preschool?

The best time for admission of your child to Milkyway preschool is at the age of 1.5 – 2 years. Early years are critical for a child’s development, and any child exposed to learning and developing opportunities at this age, will develop a strong bond with knowledge, social values and extra-curricular activities over the years.

Does Milkyway preschool admit children during mid-year in a preschool program?

Yes, children can be admitted during mid-year for Developing Roots (Playgroup) and Emerging Wings (Nursery) preschool program only.

What are the Safety and Security measures at Milkyway preschool?

Ensuring safety and security of our children is the top-most priority at. Milkyway preschool As a responsible preschool chain we have an exhaustive list on safety and security compliance measures which all our centres need to follow. These measures include restricted entry into the school premises, verification of support staff, school premises under CCTV surveillance, training to teachers on incident management and reporting, availability of fire extinguishers and first aid kit. Parents can share their concerns and feedback on safety and security issues at Milkyway preschool with

What is the quality of the teachers who conduct preschool programs at Milkyway preschool?

The teachers form the backbone of any preschool. Milkyway preschool selects its teachers strictly on the basis of their qualifications, relevant experience and their attitude towards learning and learners. It provides compulsory and intensive training in our Facilitation methods, so that they impart the curriculum in the way it is meant to be. Feel free to visit the school premises and have one-on-one conversations with the teachers and know more about them.

What is the student-teacher ratio at Milkyway preschool?

The student-teacher ratio helps to evaluate the quality of personal attention that teachers can provide to children. At Milkyway preschool, we follow a student teacher ratio of 10:1

What is the assessment process at Milkyway preschool?

At Milkyway preschool we follow the Continuous & Compressive Evaluation(CCE) Approach, thus monitoring the child’s growth and progress on a daily basis. The child’s performance is evaluated on the five areas of development which are Language , Physical, Creativity , Personality and Cognitive .

How is discipline encouraged at Milkyway preschool?

At Milkyway preschool our trained teachers and expert staff follow child-centric measures, to be proactive and find solutions to disciplinary issues along with the children. No corporal punishment is allowed. A balanced and structured curriculum results in timely conditioning of the child. By keeping the child constructively engaged in play activities and collaborative group work, our teachers are able to instill discipline easily.

What is the medium of instruction at Milkyway preschool?

The medium of instruction at Milkyway preschool is English.

What are the languages taught at Milkyway preschool?

At Milkyway preschool, the languages taught and spoken are English, along with Hindi/Regional language to make the children feel comfortable and enable them to communicate with ease both at school, at home and elsewhere.

Are there any exams / interviews for the admission process?


What are the preschool operating hours?

The timings differ from centre to centre, but are usually from 9:00 am – 12:00 noon. For further details, please visit the nearest Milkyway preschool Center.

When does the academic session commence at Milkyway preschool?

The academic sessions differ from location to location, but usually we follow the academic term cycle April- March. For further details, please visit the nearest Milkyway preschool Center.

How will parent engagement and family support be ensured?

Family engagement is an important component of high-quality programs. Milkyway preschool include family engagement as part of its high-quality program standards.

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